The Argument About Venlafaxine and Weight Loss

The Argument About Venlafaxine and Weight Loss

Speak to your physician if you gain weight after you commence taking your prescription. Actually, you may even obtain weight. In general, it’s pretty likely you can drop weight in time, but nevertheless, it may be an issue of months or years before you’re able to begin getting closer to where you were at before you took Effexor and you may have more weight or periodically gain and eliminate weight till you are through antidepressant withdrawal.

venlafaxine and weight loss

The exact reason behind weight gain isn’t entirely understood. It appears to be dependent on the dose and length of therapy. It is more likely to be due to the effects of the depression, either by it reducing willpower, or by reducing the amount of movement we do. Regardless of what the origin of the weight gain, the fundamental formula for weight loss remains.

Choosing Good Venlafaxine and Weight Loss

In addition to its needed effects, venlafaxine can cause unwanted side effects which require medical attention. As venlafaxine passes into breast milk, there’s a chance of an effect on the infant. If you’re a breast-feeding mother and are taking venlafaxine, it might affect your baby. If you choose to carry on with venlafaxine, the health care provider may prescribe a lower dose to lessen the danger of side effects in the infant.

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